VPA Syringe Pumps

Precise, pulse-free flow in either flow-control or pressure-control mode over a wide range of flow rate and pressure capabilities.

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Core Flood Systems

Systems can include single or dual core holders, accumulators for multiple fluids, and a variety of back pressure control and sampling methods.

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Poly Axial Stress Frames

The stress frame is used to simulate reservoir conditions on a cubical sample for the purpose of performing hydraulic fracturing experiments.

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Rock Mechanics Test Systems

Mechanical strength, ultrasonic velocity, and other properties under triaxial test conditions.  Small “desk-size” systems for more routine testing to large customized systems for research applications.

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Rock Compressibility Systems

This system for making precise measurements of rock compressibility is representative of the many instruments and components available for core analysis testing.

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Electrical Resistivity Systems

Measures electrical resistivity at simulated down hole conditions as a core sample achieves equilibrium at various levels of saturation.

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Core Holders

DCI offers core holders in various sizes and configurations. Whether it’s a Standard Hassler, Triaxial, Electrical Resistivity, or Multitap Pressure core holder, each offers easy loading of samples with minimal disassembly.

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DCI offers accumulators in many different volumes and sizes. Take a look at the selection sheet for complete details.

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Acoustic Separators / Two Phase Separators

An ultrasonic transducer mounted in the bottom of the sensing chamber accurately measures the distance to the meniscus between two fluids. The acoustic fluid separator eliminates level reading errors that can occur with visual methods for measuring the meniscus height when there is oil or other residue on the sight window.

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Custom Laboratory Test Systems

This 10 cell system supplied to a major oil company in the Middle East allows electrical resistivity measurements to be made at simulated reservoir conditions.  Sample saturations are calculated in both drainage and imbibition mode.

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Established in 1990, DCI Corporation has always strived to provide quality engineering solutions to meet specific customer requirements based on proven experience. DCI takes pride in its ability to provide solutions that combine proven components and systems with innovative engineering solutions to meet customers’ exact requirements.

What’s New With DCI

cfas-1DCI patented CFAS (Continuous Flow Acoustic Separator) Technology combines DCI’s two phase acoustic separator with two VPA syringe pumps to provide precise back pressure control and accurate measurement of each fluid phase at reservoir pressure and temperature conditions

  • Accurate determination of the volume of each phase produced in a core flood experiment
  • Real time measurement of each phase volume
  • Not limited to the finite volume of the acoustic separator
  1. Acoustic separator with analog output proportional to meniscus level
  2. VPA in external feedback mode maintains meniscus at a constant level and monitors precise volume of heavy fluid produced.
  3. VPA in pressure control mode keeps back pressure constant and monitors precise volume of lighter fluid produced.