DCI Corporation has been designing and manufacturing test equipment for core analysis and rock mechanics since 1990. During this long history DCI has supplied a wide variety of systems around the world to major oil companies, major service companies, research institutes, and universities. The many years of experience allows DCI engineers to design robust and refined solution for the most challenging applications.

DCI has a history of providing unique, innovative solutions to meet the most demanding customer specifications and testing requirements. The solutions are the results of combining proven technology with custom designed components. This along with custom software for control and data acquisition systems meets the exact requirements of each test. Design innovations come not only from DCI's past experience, but also in working closely with customers to incorporate their experience into the systems. DCI employees enjoy working in a team environment and collaborating closely with customers to create a system that will meet both testing and budget requirements.

 Founder of DCI, Christopher Johnson has been designing and using core analysis and rock mechanics test systems for the oil and gas industry since 1980. His extensive knowledge in all types of test systems gives DCI an exceptional resource for component design and innovation.

The easy going, always willing to help attitudes of DCI’s employees are the key to our success. We pride ourselves in continual education and staying up to date on the latest measurement and research methods. Our goal is to meet any requirements and exceed your expectations. We look forward to working with you on your next project.