Custom Systems

Building one of a kind products
and test systems

Specialized testing needs

Customizing standard equipment


DCI knows that not every lab’s testing needs are the same.  DCI prides itself in providing cost effective solutions that meet specific applications for a customer. We are committed to working with customers to provide exactly what they need!

DCI routinely takes our standard products and adds feature that the end user requires. DCI has the unique ability to add custom features and processes to all of our products. Because of DCI’s manufacturing capabilities and efficient engineering team, custom features are cost effective, getting the most out of your budget.

DCI’s 30 plus years designing and manufacturing lab equipment gives us the ability and know how to custom build any type of equipment.  Our engineering and manufacturing staff prides themselves with providing quality, proven solutions

Contact us to talk about a system that satisfies your needs.

DCI’s knowledgeable staff has many years of experience customizing equipment for exceptional test requirements. We have the knowledge and ability to build almost anything you can imagine. Contact us to start a discussion about the equipment you need.





Custom System Specification
Pressures Up to 20,000 psi
Core Diameters Customer Specified
Core Lengths Customer Specified
Custom Features and Materials Let us know your requirements