• The PhaseFX 15 was designed in conjunction with Stratum Reservoir, an industry leader in rock and fluid analysis. This partnership has allowed for innovative design with real world practicality.

• Developed to maximize reliability, efficiency and simplicity the PhaseFX 15 is the most modern full visual PVT cell on the market.

• An enhanced cell design minimizes dead volumes and optimizes ergonomics, making it simple to maintain and operate.

•  State of the art software allows users to easily control and run tests.

• User Interface layout and design allows users to monitor and control all aspect quickly and accurately providing for safe and efficient tests.

•  Automated ultra-high-resolution image capturing and real time interface detection

• Reservoir Engineering

• Completion and Production Engineering

• Facilities and Flow Assurance Engineering

• Testing of Aqueous fluids

• Full automation of constant mass expansion analysis including image capture and phase volume detection

• Multi position operation for full range of fluid analysis from black oil to wet gas systems

Supporting Equipment

Whether a lab has extensive experience in PVT studies or is just starting out, the PhaseFX 15 PVT cell can be specified to meet each user’s lab needs. The PhaseFX 15 can be a standalone system or incorporated with various levels of supporting equipment.  DCI’s supporting equipment, such as the gasometer, fully integrates data acquisition into the PVT Software optimizing data processing.  Please contact us for more information the PhaseFX 15 and supporting equipment.




Specifications for PhaseFX 15
Max Working Pressure 15,000 psia
Pressure Accuracy 1.5 psia (0.01% Full Scale)
Pressure Transducer Type Quartz
Cell Volume 500ml
Volume Accuracy 0.0001 ml/min
Minimum Flow Rate 0.0001 ml/min
Maximum Flow Rate 150 ml/min
Maximum Pressure Ramp Rate 12,000 psi/min
Machine Vision Resolution 0.05 ml or better
Temperature Working Range –10°C (14°F) to 200°C (392°F)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1°C
Wetted Materials Standard and Sour Services
models available