• Designed to study the controlled reactions between fluids and solid surfaces.

• Two cell design for conducting test at temperature and pressure

• Multiple ports on each vessel gives the user options for a wide range of test types and fluids

• Both accumulator and reactor vessel are equipped with cooling lines to decrease time between tests.

• Table mounted top loading vessel makes setting up and cleaning easy.

• Intuitive software interface makes operation easy

• Air operated automatic valves for transferring fluid between vessels

• Data acquisition of all system information during a test.

• Complete motor control via the software.

• The software automatically controls valves to take samples

• Each sample is dispensed into an individual test tube using a fraction collector

System can be paired with VPA Syringe Pumps and Gas Booster

Integrating the system with VPA syringe pumps or gas booster simplifies operation and makes pressurizing and transferring fluids simple.




Specifications for Rotating Disk Corrosion Reactor
Wetted parts Hastelloy C
Maximum Pressure 7,500 psi
Maximum Temperature 250°C
Accumulator Volume 1000 ml *
Reactor Volume 500 ml *
Sample Holders: 1” and 1.5” **
*Different Volumes available **Different Sample Sizes available

**Different Sample Sizes available

Comprehensive Control and Monitoring

This system allows the user to study the reaction of multiple types of fluids with a solid disk shape object at user defined angular velocities. These results can be used in the design of stimulation treatments of wells. The Rotating Disk Corrosion Reactor system consists of three main components: the valve panel, reactor assembly and fluid accumulator. Each of these components is integrated into the complete system with custom software and data acquisition for comprehensive control and monitoring of tests.

Reactor Assembly

The reactor assembly is a pressure vessel that allows a fluid to react with a solid disk at elevated temperatures/pressures and at various angular velocities. The reactor vessel is mounted under the benchtop of a cart with an upper plug that allows for easy loading and unloading of samples. The sample is mounted in the vessel to a rotating collet with a magnetic drive, spinning the sample at user defied speeds.

Fluid Accumulator

Mounted to the system benchtop is a fluid accumulator that allows pressurizing and heating of the fluid to be used in the experiment. Like the reactor, the accumulator is provided with an end plug that allows easy removal and manual loading of the fluid into the accumulator. The preheated fluid can be easily transferred into the reactor assembly to start the reaction.

During the test the sample(s) from the reaction vessel are automatically collected in individual test tubes using a fraction collector.

Integrated, Intuitive Software

All system heating, temperature measuring, pressure monitoring, sampling, and motor controls are logged and controlled using the integrated, intuitive software. The valve/gauge panel and software include easy to follow schematics that visually show the flow path, plumbing, and locations of the instruments.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Each system can be tailored to fit the users exact needs. Please contact us if different specifications are needed. This can include higher pressures, different cell volumes, etc.