DCI’s saturators ensure that each sample is fully saturated by both vacuum and pressure. With the same chamber for both vacuum and pressure, the process is quick and easy.

The saturation chamber acts as both a vacuum chamber and pressure vessel during the saturation process. Simply place clean dry core samples into the saturation chamber. Use the included vacuum pump to pull a vacuum on both the saturation fluid and core samples. Fill the saturation chamber while samples are under vacuum, then pressurize the sample.

The front panel includes silk screen schematic, manual valves, and large pressure gauges for both vacuum and pressure, making the saturator easy to operate. A basket is included for easy loading and unloading of samples.

More options

The saturator can be configured with different size saturation chambers to fit odd size or large quantities of core samples. Manual and automatic versions are available.




Example Specifications for Saturator
Vacuum Pressure: up to 30 in H20
Rated Vessel Pressure: 2,500 psi
Core Diameter: 1", 1.5", 2"
Core Length: 1"-12"
Valve Types: Manual or Automatic
Pressure Generator: Hand Pump
Wetted Parts: 316SS and Hastelloy

The DCI saturator is available in a number of different sizes to accommodate odd sizes cores or large quantities of core samples. The easy to use all in one system allows samples to be loaded in the vacuum/pressure chamber and be removed fully saturated. This eliminates having to move samples to multiple pieces of equipment to obtain full saturation.

The front panel is included with drain ports for easy cleaning/flushing of saturation fluid. This system was designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain, allowing researchers to focus on the more important aspects of core analysis.

Manual Saturator