Better Quality, More Features, Lower Price

VPA syringe pumps are ideal for high pressure
and ultra-precise flow rates.

Exceptional features

Competitive price

Free trial program

  • Intuitive touch Screen User Interface
  • Control the pump remotely from any computer
  • Easy to use control mode for any application
  • State-of-the-art motor and control for best possible accuracy
  • Wiper Seal design for low maintenance
  • Standard dual cylinder with integrated valves for continuous flow
  • External Mode to allow control of the pump from any transducer.

VPA syringe pump’s standard features like integrated valves and dual cylinder continuous flow pumps are priced for much less than basic featureless single cylinder pumps from our competitors. With DCI’s unique manufacturing techniques and low overhead, we are able to provide superior products at a reduced price.  With a small compact footprint this is the ultimate high pressure, ultra-accurate flow syringe pump.

Ask DCI about the free trial program. DCI is confident in the quality and capabilities of our pumps we would like to send you a trial pump. See for yourself the benefits and after the 1 month trial we are confident you will want to purchase our pumps.

More Control

DCI offers two series of syringe pumps that cover a wide range of flow rates, pressures, and cylinder volumes. In addition, DCI regularly customizes pumps to meet exact customer requirements, weather this is recirculating flow, remote mounted vessels, in oven applications, or any other configuration you can think of.






Model Number Maximum
Minimum FlowRate [nl/min] Maximum
Flow Rate
Series 16
16(D/S*)-0.7-270-400-(SS/HC**) 700 (48) 150 400 270 2.5 SS or HC
16(D/S*)-2.5-80-400-(SS/HC**) 2,500 (170) 50 400 80 0.74 SS or HC
16(D/S*)-5-40-200-(SS/HC**) 5,000 (345) 20 200 40 0.37 SS or HC
16(D/S*)-10-20-100-(SS/HC**) 10,000 (689) 10 100 20 0.18 SS or HC
16(D/S*)-10-20-100-(SS/HC**) 15000 (1034) 8.2 70 15 0.14 SS or HC
16(D/S*)-20-10-50-(SS/HC**) 20,000 (1379) 5 50 10 0.09 SS or HC
Series 32
32(S/D*)-3.5-550-550-(SS/HC**) 3500 (238) 330 550 550 5.44 SS or HC
32(S/D*)-5-375-400-(SS/HC**) 5,000 (345) 230 400 375 3.77 SS or HC
32(S/D*)-10-200-195-(SS/HC**) 10,000 (689) 100 200 195 1.96 SS or HC
32(S/D*)-15-120-120-(SS/HC**) 15,000 (1,034) 70 120 120 1.18 SS or HC
32(S/D*)-20-90-70-(SS/HC**) 20,000 (1,379) 43 90 70 0.73 SS or HC
* Available in a (S) Single, (D) Dual, or (DS) Two Single Cylinder configuration
** Available in (SS) Stainless Steel or (HC) Hastelloy C 276 wetted parts

Standard Features

  • Intuitive touch screen user interface
  • The learning curve for our pumps is just minutes, the easy to use control screens allow the user to quickly monitor and change flow/pressure setting from a single screen. Current pressure, flow rate, and volume pump are continually displayed.
  • Standard dual cylinder pump for continuous flow
  • For the cost of a single cylinder pump from our competitors, DCI offers a twin cylinder pumps with integrated valves that allows out of the box infinite steady state flow.
  • Zero volume displacement valve
  • The integrated dual cylinder design allows for a smaller footprint equaling  more bench space
  •  State of the art motors and controller
  • The latest controller and motors technology enabling our pumps to have the best control and accuracy.
  • Wiper Seal Design
  • Viton O-ring seal with Teflon wiping backup and brass bushing is the ultimate combination for best possible seal and long life.
  • Multiple configurations for inlet and outlet ports. Typical connections include Autoclave W125, SF250CX, Swagelok, NPT, and many more. Let us know what ports you prefer.
  • User programmable safety limits allows for warnings and shutdown if pressure limits or flow rate limits are reached.
  • Each pump passes a rigorous QC process testing flow and pressure control modes insuring accurate operation out of the box.
  • Standard 0.1% (Full Scale) accurate transducers
  • Easy LAN connection for connectivity with other systems and software
  • LabVIEW Drivers/tool kits for easy integrating with external software
  • Data acquisition program for easy recording of the pump’s parameters
  • Maintenance is a breeze with seal replacement in under 5 minutes.

Control Modes for Any Application

  • Pressure Control – user defined target pressure and pressure ramp rate, pump will ramp and control at desired set point until user stops control.
  • Flow Control – user defined flow rate, with the ability to pump infinite or definite volumes
  • External Control – control to an external transducer. Anything that can be changed by pressure or flow rate can be controlled with this mode. Examples include pressure, fluid level, diameter (strain gauges, LVDT), the possibility are endless on what can be controlled. The pump provides a 24Vdc excitation to power transducers if needed and can control inputs from +/-10V. This feature is easy to set up and operational in just minutes

Optional Features

  • Hastelloy wetted parts
  • Heated cylinders
  • Remote mounted cylinders and valves for placement in harsh or heated environments.
  • DCI specializes in custom pumps and applications that meet exact customer needs, ask us about your custom application
  • Permeability or relative permeability experiments where pulse-free precisely controlled constant flow rate is required.
  • Permeability or relative permeability experiments where a constant pressure drop across the sample is required.
  • Drainage-Imbibition tests, where the VPA can act as a receiver to record volume and control back pressure, and then subsequently as a pump to push fluid back through the sample.
  • Pore-volume compressibility tests where a precise measurement of pore fluid volume expressed from (or injected into a sample) is required while maintaining constant pressure.
  • Sample desaturation measurements where the precise volume of fluid expressed from a sample is required.  The VPA allows these values to be read automatically so that saturation values can be calculated in real time.
  • Flow experiments where precise back pressure must be maintained even with some solids in the fluid that would plug a conventional back-pressure regulator.
  • Any application where constant pressure must be generated and controlled.


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VPA Syringe Pumps Brochure

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Series 16 Double Cylinder Schematic

Series 16 Single Cylinder Schematic